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Contracted low integrity claims company arc. This didn't do anything in particular for my case, but it will launch an investigation against ARC and hopefully help customers in the future. 47 30 More From FedEx. I also gave the value of TV about $700. If you can't access the toll free number call: 9714-2183860 Make sure he files the claim. I got my attorney involved, they approved my property damage claim the next day, and I received the settlement check in the full amount by the following week.. 0000078295 00000 n They fight everything, I know from a dog one of their drivers hit in my town. I have shipped guitars with FedEx dozens of times. xref If you shipped Priority Mail it was insured for up to $50, unless you bought more insurance. File a Claim. 0000003258 00000 n Because Fed Express without question was legally liable for the damage they caused in my claim, they would be unable to "defend" in court of law, so ARC came through with finally approving the claim. I filed the claim on fedex website on that day. Preparation of claims documents In order to speed up the claims process and ensure claims are accurately and thoroughly arrived at, the insured is requested to prepare the following documents for us and/or for the surveyor/claims assessor: Notification of loss or damage; Accident report with photographs of damaged property; 0000005145 00000 n 76 0 obj <>stream Review #2095477 is a subjective opinion of Policy 1073801 They drove around another vehicle came on to my property and dug rutts. LOCAL SERVICE ADDRESS. Box 256 Pittsburgh, PA 15230 Fax 1.877.229.4766 Email 0000002983 00000 n 0000080693 00000 n You have several options for filing loss or damage claims: • Registered users of FedEx Freight My Account may file claims online and scan or attach documents electronically (documentation supporting the claim may also be faxed or mailed to the number or address referenced below). In my case I shipped a porcelain lamp using Fedex SmartPost, and (not surprisingly) is arrived broken, even though I went to great pains to package it carefully and had … 0000005623 00000 n Be prepared P.O. 0000003490 00000 n LOCAL SERVICE ADDRESS . You call the standard 1800 number, say you have a property damage claim, get transferred to the appropriate department, you make a statement, a supervisor will come to your property, take another statement, take photos and evidence, and forward it to their claims department, who will eventually, after some hounding, will cut you a check. FedEx. Otherwise they will pay. 1. Fedex - DANGEROUS DRIVER INCIDENT: Tuesday, 11/10/20, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. Check our FAQ. Best of luck to those with claims still pending. If is wasn't, they won't pay the claim. It’s important to note that you’re facing a time limit no matter which method you choose to file. fedex claim dept hotline: 1-800-4633339, and press “61”. Newsroom. Bring photos of damaged shipping and your description exactly as stated. to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. Make sure you include compensation for loss of time and damage to reputation. Username and password will be sent to you via email. Great Comment! Damaged goods and packaging should be held until the investigation is complete. Property Value. FedEx will inspect the packaging and determine whether the packing was sufficient. 47 0 obj <> endobj Opening Hours:Every day/24 hours Tel: 800 33339. I have a claim with Arc Claim and they are the worse. Claims for undelivered or lost shipments must be filed within nine months of the shipment date. Property Insurance: All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage, Real and Personal Property, on a repair or replacement cost basis . If the claim is paid, fedex will send the shipper(the account holder) the payment check. Fedex Claim reviews: To get refund. 1. %PDF-1.5 %���� Get your attorney involved to expedite. We had a package that was delivered on 10/17/19 and did not show up and delivered not to right door on instructions. For a FedEx UK Domestic shipment if your shipment was signed for as damaged upon delivery, then the sender of the shipment is required to submit a claim form within 28 calendar days of the delivery. 0000063352 00000 n FedEx review with 1 Comment: Just today had an incident with FedEx involving our neighbors lawn in The Villages, FL.. Our neighbor has a disability and is not able to comfortably speak on the phone. **Claimant will please place check ( X ) before such of the documents mentioned as have been attached, and explain under "Remarks" the absence of any of the documents called for in connection with this claim. Aug 03 . Fax 1.877.229.4766 FedEx Cargo Claims Dept. Loss of Rents . Use UPS. You will have the options to mail, fax or email the form to our Domestic Customer Services team. You must file your claim for damaged or missing contents no later than 60 calendar days from the shipment date for U.S. packages and 21 calendar days from the shipment date for international packages. If they are not available now, you can add them at a later time. Step 4: Schedule an inspection If an inspection is necessary for your claim, FedEx will … About FedEx ... Careers. Product or Service Mentioned: Change Country. Can't get my money back or my phones. This Q&A is provided for information only and the answers do not have a contractual value. Obviously from the comments on this site this is not an isolated event. Get your proof together, repair estimate (have two), photos and statements of your witnesses and best get one or more of your witnesses to appear. Take the FedEx location that you shipped from to small claims. Unlikely he will want to pay for the return, and a damage dispute will have you paying anyway. You can go to your company if you have collision coverage, if not you have to sue Fedex. 0000049634 00000 n (Number and Description of articles, nature and extent of loss or damage, invoice price of articles, amount of claim, etc.) 0000001464 00000 n 0000005870 00000 n 0000006218 00000 n The buyer was an eBay guitar dealer. 0000008428 00000 n Related: Fedex - DANGEROUS DRIVER INCIDENT: Tuesday, 11/10/20. 0000004083 00000 n You will be automatically registered on our site. Yes, you can. 0000003293 00000 n Just make sure you respond to the ebay return request and upload the FedEx return tracking number to the dispute. FedEx processes all Concealed Loss and Damage claims within five to seven days after receiving all the paperwork and information. Sad thing is they werent even delivering to me they were delIvering to the neighbors. If he didn't pack the item correctly and FedEx refuses to pay up, then it is the seller's responsibility to get you an unbroken (or fixed) version of what you bought. I got my attorney involved, they approved my claim the next day, and I had a check in my hand the following week. Please return the completed form and required proof of loss and value to

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